FIBO 2023 welcomes second largest export nation in the industry


Taiwan’s companies shine with product innovations at world’s leading trade show for fitness, wellness and health held in Cologne from April 13 to 16

Exhibitors and visitors from over 40 countries will once again gather in Cologne from April 13 to 16 to attend FIBO 2023, the leading trade show and driver for the entire fitness industry. With the significant market share of 10% of all global fitness equipment exports [1], the export nation of Taiwan will provide 11 companies with a platform to present their award-winning product innovations at the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion.

The Taiwan Excellence award organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), reflects the importance and self-confidence of Taiwan’s industry. In the fitness equipment sector alone, products worth more than one billion U.S. dollars are annually exported to world markets – and the trend is upwards [2].

More than 90 percent of all national manufacturing output in this sector was sold abroad in 2022, primarily to the United States, England, Netherlands, Canada and Japan. „But we also want to increase our commitment to Germany,“ says Brian Lee, Executive Director, Strategic Marketing Department, TAITRA. “ Germany is our seventh largest export country, and the demand for Taiwanese fitness equipment in the German market continues to increase. We are looking forward to FIBO!“

The award-winning innovative products being showcased at the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion in hall 7, booth E35 at FIBO are as specific as they are diverse. The Verde G690 ECO-POWR™ Treadmill from SportsArt, for example, is the first treadmill to simultaneously convert human energy into electricity. It can generate up to 200 watts/hour. Or the Cycle Boxer from LifeSpan which combines boxing and cycling into an effective training program. SHENNONA Stampede, an exciting sports and entertainment platform that combines interactive screens, pressure-sensitive floors, and lighting to create a fun and engaging experience for people of all ages. A total of 21 fitness innovations from Taiwan will be in display and highlighted throughout the show via diverse activities.

With the country’s strong innovation capabilities in the information and communication technology (ICT) industry, which develops wearable devices, sensors, and hardware as well as software, Taiwan’s economy creates cross-industry synergies that grant the fitness technology key competitive advantages internationally.

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[2] Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Taipeh, Taiwan 2022


The following Taiwan Excellence Award-winning products will be shown at the booth:

The Verde G690 ECO-POWR™ Treadmill from SportsArt is the first treadmill to simultaneously convert human energy into electricity. It can generate up to 200 watts/hour.

The Cycle Boxer from LifeSpan which combines boxing and cycling into an effective training program.

WIIM combines high-level EMS equipment with professional electromyostimulation outfits. The wireless EMS training Pad, made of ultra-light material and the EMS-leggings offer a wide range of professional training programs, which can be performed anytime and anywhere.

The Power Runner FPR112, a resistance training device, from Steelflex actively and efficiently promotes the increase of speed, strength, and explosiveness. The functional design allows it to be used for a wide variety of running workouts, with the display showing the current training data.

Netown will present four devices from different product series at the FIBO 2023. The Netown Ergometer Babybot“ Smart Fat-burn Heart-rate Monitor Bike provides safe exercise through real-time heart rate measurements. As a result, the training goal and load automatically adjust to the user, promising a controlled increase in training efficiency.
The Babybot Muscle Strength Evaluation & Training System combines three muscle strength evaluation systems into one: grip strength, lower limb strength and balance. By storing training data, long-term tracking and analysis becomes possible, allowing for personalized training programs.
The Babybot AI Precise Four Limbs Coordination & Muscle Strength Trainer is a training and rehabilitation device for arms and legs. It combines concentration and reaction exercises as well as mobility, stability, and coordination.
The Babybot Portable Muscle Strength Evaluation & Training System is a portable smart 3-in-1 system for evaluating muscle ability including grip power, lower limb strength, and balance checking. It provides pre-and-post outcome evaluation report for precise training plan as well as numerical workout result for personalized training program.

AROMASE will present two product solutions at once: In addition to the „3 steps-Home Scalpcare Solution“, a 3-step care program specifically for people with problematic scalps, the Taiwan Excellence booth will also feature the „5a Juniper Head-To-Toe Body Wash“, a full-body shampoo specially designed for sensitive skin.

Body Charger will be showcasing three of their latest exercise machines at FIBO 2023: The Recumbent Linear Stepper GB7007 is a 2-in-1 fitness and rehabilitation machine for a low-impact, full-body workout. The low range of motion relieves the joints and promotes their mobility.
The ERGO BIKE GB5007 focuses on user-friendliness. It was designed to make it easy for young and old to get started with home workouts through intuitive operation.
The Total Body Trainer Pro is both an upper body ergometer and recumbent bike and provides an efficient workout for adults, the elderly, the disabled, among others. The advanced technology of the integrated „Brain Game“ console system also trains coordination for advanced dementia.

The SHENNONA Stampede system consists of interactive screens and pressure-sensitive floors that, combined with light and music cues, add variety to workouts Stampede can collect exercise data to customize workout programs for individual athletes.

Wondercise unveils a diversified product slate: the Wondercise Gym, a social fitness platform that engages online and on-site exercisers alike. Wondercise’s patented live motion matching technology is the world’s first hardware/software integration that compares the user’s performance to the trainer’s on-screen performance. Data collected via connected wearables (Apple and Garmin watches) is also used to generate overall workout results and progress, key statistics, and more meaningful feedback.
Wondercise Timeless is a screenless smart tracker with motion sensors powered by the Wondercise app. Designed for numerous indoor and outdoor workouts and training types, as well as daily health monitoring.
The Wondericse Bike, a spinning bike that brings spinning classes to the home. Connecting to the Wondercise app, users around the world can work out with each other and compete via live stats and leaderboards.

The Spirit CT900 treadmill combines the functionality of a rugged treadmill with entertainment. Equipped with a 15.6-inch touchscreen display, this console offers intuitive TV, Internet and music streaming features.
With the Johnny G Spirit Bike, the company introduces a spinning bike that offers the ability to repeat or differentiate workouts individually through electronically controlled magnetic resistance. The bike generates its own energy through the muscle power used, thus the training information is stored for at least 10 minutes and transmitted to popular apps such as Strava.

The ATUNAS Antibacterial DIY Moldable Insoles are do-it-yourself insoles. Whether for daily use, hiking or extensive trekking: Three different variants are available here. The blanks are simply heated to 60° and can then be adjusted to the individual foot shape.
ATUNAS Green fitness series consisting of foam roller, exercise mat, massage ball and peanut ball, all made from 100 percent recycled material.


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