As an organization for application improvement, we bargain every day with the most assorted working frameworks. Obviously, Android is an essential stage for the programming of applications for our clients. Once in a while, our customers are looked with choosing whether to run an application just for Android, only for iOS, or notwithstanding for the two frameworks. Here we clarify why you ought to settle on the Android App improvement.


Android quickly clarified

Advantages of Android

Advancement of Android applications


1. Android Agency – Android clarified quickly

Lady with Android Phone – Android Agency

What is Android?

Obviously, we have all known about Android previously, since in our general public nearly everybody has ever purchased a cell phone and afterward confronted the topic of which PDA, or working framework he ought to choose. For a few, the choice is completely clear, for nobody else. Be that as it may, what precisely is Android?

Android is an open working framework, particularly for cell phones and tablets, which has been created by Google since 2005. This is fundamentally a free programming dependent on the Linux bit.

It is continually being created by the „Open Handset Alliance“. This partnership was established by Google and speaks to a system of right now 87 organizations whose objective is to make a uniform framework for all cell phones.

The name originates from the Greek android and means human-like. The thought behind it was to make a working framework that could be effectively and naturally worked by people.

Since October 21, 2008, Android is authoritatively accessible and now has more than one million applications to browse and more than over two billion cell phones are running on Android, with several thousands included day by day.

2. Android Agency – Benefits of Android


Android has numerous undeniable favorable circumstances

There are a few advantages that Google’s working framework brings. These, obviously, affect the basic leadership procedure of whether to build up an application for Android or not. In any case, even with regards to programming, there are little contrasts, which at that point require, for instance, a shorter working time than iOs applications.

Here is a review of the advantages:

In Germany, and overall Android has a higher piece of the overall industry

There is a more extensive scope of terminals for the working framework and along these lines more chances to develop

The expense every hour for an Android software engineer are generally less expensive than iOS

Android is better adaptable

The working framework is being produced by Google, as well as by the individual gadget makers, whereby Android regularly develops substantially quicker than iOS

Close mix of free Google administrations like Gmail, making Google Maps less demanding

3. Our Android Agency – Development of Android Apps


The programming of Android applications

When you have chosen to have an application created and furthermore the decision of working framework is finished, it can begin programming. Yet, pause, how precisely does it work?

After you have reached us, we mastermind an individual gathering with you to clear up essential inquiries, to become more acquainted with you and to have the capacity to prompt you in detail.

At we make a free interactive model after this gathering, with which you can get an initial introduction of the application. Just on this premise do we set up an extremely restricting offer.

The further procedure for coding Android Apps does not by any stretch of the imagination contrast from alternate stages. Then again, we as of now have contrasts.

The most critical thing is that when we create Android applications, we utilize our specific developers who can utilize their skill to take advantage of the product. For this we utilize an extensive variety of Ant systems, for example, React Native, Ionic, Cocos2d-X, Google VR SDK, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Maps, Paypal, Stripe, Geolocation, Push Notifications, FCM, Firebase, Sockets, Realm, in-application buys, and the sky is the limit from there

Likewise, our question situated standards, for example, „Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY)“ and „One Class, One Responsibility“ guarantee that our Android applications are anything but difficult to explore and utilize.

We separate the whole advancement process into points of reference with us so clear objectives can be set and work execution stays straightforward. The time of advancement can take from a couple of months to a year, contingent upon how broad your undertaking is and how much time you bring along.

We anticipate finding out about your Android venture!

4. Android Agency – Conclusion

Every one of our articles depend on the experience of 8 years of application advancement. Depend on our mastery in your task and visit us at

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