Gesundheit und WellnessAusbildung für Mensch und Region - Esthelfer.TV
Gesundheit und WellnessAusbildung für Mensch und Region - Esthelfer.TV

Ausbildung für Mensch und Region – Esthelfer.TV

We all know that first aid can save lives, and if you want to get your driver’s license (for a car, motorcycle, bus, truck or scooter) in Germany, you have to complete a first aid course . offers recognized advanced first aid courses for trainees and other members of certain professional groups. Participation in a first aid course is required by law for trainees and members of special professional groups.

Competitive and certified corporate culture

First responder. tv is a health and wellness company run by a team of health workers and wellness professionals specializing in wellness and certified first aid training for individuals, companies and groups. Our basic courses are aimed at students of all ability levels, and we learn how to call emergency services and emergency numbers in the event of an accident.

First Aider offers first aid training in several German cities

First responder. tv is your first aid contact who supports health education and can be found at various locations in Germany. If you have any questions, you can attend our first aid course in Berlin , first aid course in Berlin-Mitte, first aid course in Rostock , first aid course in Hamburg , first aid course in Mühlacker and first aid Participate in the help course in Mannheim !

Replacement certificate and information about our services

In addition to our first aid courses, we also offer AED (automated external defibrillator) training, eye tests for driving licenses, biometric passport photos and in-house seminars.

If you’ve misplaced or lost your first aid certificate, simply buy a new one online and you will receive your replacement certificate. We will simply send your new certificate within 4 – 6 days to the specified delivery address or you can pick it up at your location for € 15 including VAT and shipping.

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