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    CollectiveCrunch Secures 1,4M EUR Investment Round Led by Nidoco AB

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    CollectiveCrunch Secures 1,4M EUR Investment Round Led by Nidoco AB

    Espoo, Finland 14 March 2023 – CollectiveCrunch, the creator of the AI-powered Linda platform that enables sustainable forestry at scale, today announced the closing of a 1,4M EUR investment round led by existing investor Nidoco AB.
    The investment will enable CollectiveCrunch to continue expanding worldwide and developing their portfolio, with a particular interest on the forest carbon market.
    „CollectiveCrunch is fundamentally changing how the forestry industry monitors forest health and CO2 capture thanks to its revolutionary platform that uniquely utilizes data and provides near real-time insights into forest biodiversity and forest carbon sink more accurately than ever before,“ said Nidoco CEO Patric Castren. „We“ve already witnessed the significant impact of their technology in the market and look forward to their continued growth.“
    „We“re thrilled that our investors trust our team and technology amid these challenging economic times,“ said CollectiveCrunch Co-Founder Rolf Schmitz. „With a business strategy designed for efficient growth – and an expanded solution portfolio that features core products adapted to serve a variety of needs – we“re uniquely positioned to support the digital transformation of the forestry industry.“
    Since its inception in 2016, CollectiveCrunch has established a strong position in Europe and an emerging position in the United States and Latin America. CollectiveCrunch was recently approved by Verra, a nonprofit organization that operates standards in environmental and social markets, including the world“s leading carbon crediting program, the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Program.
    „Verra“s approval is an important milestone for us and we are delighted that we can help build credibility in the forest carbon market through our unique methodologies,“ Schmitz said. „The market needs transparency and our approach with near real-time monitoring and forest asset analysis responds to that specific need.“
    CollectiveCrunch has been developing state-of-the-art AI-based technologies for the forest sector since 2016. Continuous monitoring is an essential part of understanding the changes in the sensitive ecosystem of forests and providing visibility into biodiversity and the changes in the forest carbon storages near real-time. Linda Forest today covers 23 million hectares of forest and currently 7 of the top 10 Nordic forestry players are using Linda Forest solutions.

    For more information please contact:

    Co-Founder Rolf Schmitz, CollectiveCrunch
    +49 151 1972 6650

    Head of Marketing Karolina Forss, CollectiveCrunch
    +358 40 541 2431

    CollectiveCrunch is an AI leader in the forestry industry. It collects climate, geo and process data and crunches this information into AI models for better prediction of forest inventories and the monitoring of carbon storage in forests for the carbon trading markets.

    CollectiveCrunch Oy
    Rolf Schmitz
    Keilaranta 6
    02150 Espoo
    +49 151 1972 6650

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