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Logo Design Trends to Breakthrough in 2022 -

Previously, distinguishing a trendy logo from an obsolete one was simple; soon, things will change dramatically. Designers are equally attracted to minimalism and cartoon logos, 3D and flat logos, floristry, and wordmark logos. We perceived 2021 to be the year of creative freedom. However, it appears that by 2022, it will be completely uninhibited.

Simple Geometry and Basic Shapes

Basic geometric shapes include triangles, circles, squares, dots, and lines, which simplify logo designs. Designers recommend utilizing a bold or distinct colour palette as a substitute (sometimes associated with a brand even better than the logo itself). Alternatively, go to black and white to maximize the minimalist impact. Finally, negative space is another excellent technique to use simple geometry while maintaining visual interest.

The design philosophy „less is more“ is not new, nor is this logo design trend. But what makes it worthy of our special attention is that more and more prominent corporations, like KIA and Google, are referring to fundamental shapes and redesigning their logos, which were previously pretty modest and reserved. As a result, they gain a concise, fresh picture that does not overburden the buyer with unusual details to remember and associate with the brand.

Logos that are tall

While most logo design trends in 2022 are similar to what we had two, three, or five years ago, tall logos are a breath of fresh air and originality. They are narrow and vertical, in contrast to the overused horizontal, square, and circle logo markings. At least hundreds of designers have been inspired to experiment with rotation. And, as evidenced by several Be hance projects, their aesthetics is particularly suited to fashion enterprises, boutiques, creative studios, and large brands seeking to be cutting-edge.

Another advantage of the tall logo for businesses is that it works better in online marketplaces and advertising than traditional logos. Only switching to a tall logo eliminates the need for several same-style versions and logo designs for the sake of responsiveness — in most cases, it is already responsive.

Colours that are saturated and gradients

In practice, working with colour and selecting a colour palette for a logo is a highly personal tale, and it’s often difficult to trace the global tendency or any logo trends related to specific colours. Someone prefers black and white logos (as we’ll see later). Someone opts for monochrome, nude, or earthy colours, which are extremely popular these days. However, if we look at major firms, we can see a broad trend of employing vibrant, rich colours in logo design.

doodles and sketches

Scribbles, sketching, and doodling return as a graphic design trend in 2022; thus, its appearance as a standalone logo design trend should come as no surprise. Although freeform drawing may appear to have reached its limit, recent work shows just the opposite. The rising interest in a designer’s approach to the brand is the key to its rebirth. And evidently, there isn’t much better for it than quick sketches, cartoon characters, and forms made distinctly.

As a result, expect more scribbles in logo design, sloppy cartoon logos, and fast-drawn mascots in corporate branding. Hand-drawn logos created in a quick and unsophisticated style are also allowed, and we’ve already seen projects and teams with their brand name scribbled in this fashion.

The logos mentioned above will embrace the raw, unpolished style. Even if you are a crazy fan of clean minimalism and classic logo aesthetics, a mid-2010s flashback will be the most incredible method to express their aesthetics for some firms.

Logos in black and white

As we continue to look at minimalism in all of its forms, let us mention another sure thing for 2022 in this niche: black and white logos. It’s strange to think of black and white colour palette as a trend because it’s a basic solution that endures regardless of time and style changes. Even said, it would be remiss not to draw your attention to the rising interest in such designs, the most notable example being GoDaddy’s makeover. They steadily simplified their identity, and now they appear to have arrived at the last step — a black and white logo with a sans serif typeface and a reserved logo mark.

The best thing about black and white logos gaining favor among branding designers is their incredible aesthetic freedom. They are well suited to the brand’s image. They may be used for various experimentation with typefaces, decorative components, and geometry. Indeed, such logs are gaining popularity due to their adaptability and other logo design concepts that are currently popular. Everything goes nicely with the black and white logos: minimalist, creative typography, floristry, symbolism, primal geometry.

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There is no evident distinction between the logo design trends of 2022 and 2021. Most of the trends at their apex have been with us for a long time, so don’t expect any significant shifts. The fate of 3D has yet to be defined, and we cannot predict whether 3D or flat-style logo designs will become popular.

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