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Smart, Digital and Green: Taiwan is an Important Trading Partner for Germany -

Leading companies from Taiwan present latest innovations at K 2022

Düsseldorf/Taipei, 20. October 2022Whether beverage bottles, cosmetics containers, medical products, construction elements or recycling: on the second day of K 2022, the largest trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry, which takes place from 19 to 26 October in Düsseldorf, leading companies from Taiwan presented their latest innovations from the plastics and rubber machinery industry.

The product launch took place at a press conference organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade , Ministry of Economic Affairs, and implemented by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council, TAITRA, Taiwan’s leading trade promotion organization. The five leading companies in the industry – FCS Group, POLYSTAR, HUARONG Group, EVERPLAST and CHUMPOWER – presented their most innovative solutions to make production more digital and, above all, „greener“. The press conference provided an ideal platform to gain a detailed overview of innovative plastics and rubber machinery from Taiwan.

„Taiwan is the world’s sixth largest exporter of plastics and rubber machinery. The export value reached $704.37 million from January to August this year, a growth rate of 7.75 percent“, said Ching-Yun Huang, Economic Counselor and Head of Economic Division from the Taipei Representative Office in the Federal Republic of Germany, Office Frankfurt, during the press conference. In Germany alone, the export growth rate increased by 69 percent in the period from January to July 2022. The Federal Republic now ranks 14th among Taiwan’s largest export markets. „Taiwan’s strength is the combination of machinery with the field of information and communication. At the same time, we combine this with the growing awareness of environmental protection – an unbeatable team,“ emphasized Huang.

From digitalization to climate protection and the circular economy

Under the motto „Go Green with Taiwan’s Smart Plastic & Rubber Machinery“, the new products were introduced through presentations by the individual companies:

FCS Group, the only listed and largest injection molding machine manufacturer in Taiwan, introduced the CT-230 R, an all-electric two-component injection molding machine. It is suitable for two-component and multi-component products, including electronic parts, medical devices, cosmetic containers and more. The all-electric two-component injection molding system offers several advantages at once: Cost savings, increased efficiency and improved quality.

POLYSTAR, the world’s leading supplier of professional recycling machines in Taiwan, develops simple but powerful recycling solutions under the motto „Recycling Made Simple“. The company is dedicated to using its machines to optimize the recycling process, improve the quality of the end product and reduce energy consumption. The patented, fully automatic granulation system works with digital programmed logic and energy-saving ECO inverter drive modules. This enables recycling granulates to be produced with uniform size and good quality.

The product range of HUARONG Group includes horizontal and vertical injection molding machines, manipulators as well as in-mold labelling and intelligent factory management systems. The company presented three new products at once: The optimized two-platen injection molding machine is about 15 per cent shorter, but the machine’s opening stroke is longer and more flexible to produce larger and deeper barrel-shaped plastic products. The Composited Injection Blow Molding Machine also takes up less space, does not require secondary heating and is suitable for the production of various types and small quantities of plastics. The third product is the company’s stand-alone intelligent management system.

EVERPLAST is a supplier of plastic extrusion machines. Environmental protection and sustainability are important issues, so the company continuously researches and develops technologies for the extrusion molding of recycled materials. Their latest machines, the WPC extrusion lines, use waste such as wood chips, rice husks or gypsum boards, recycle them and thus return them to the circular economy. This solves the waste problem at the same time. In addition, EVERPLAST develops different types of 3D printers for different applications and materials.

CHUMPOWER Machinery Corporation represents 85 per cent of Taiwan’s PET blow molding machine exports. The company’s machines can be used in the production of PET bottles of any size and shape, regardless of the content such as beverages, water, edible oil or cosmetics. CHUMPOWER produces all mold templates for its customers itself. The latest machine, SS10 rPET blow molding machine, is suitable for applications that require high bottle quality with low production runs. In addition, CHUMPOWER enables low-carbon production as rPET can be used instead of virgin material. The company manufactures all mold blanks in-house to meet each customer’s requirements.

Visitors of the K have the opportunity until 26 October to learn more about the five companies and their product innovations as well as numerous other Taiwanese companies at the TAIWAN PAVILION in Hall 12, C 02-08.


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